A purveyor of wellness and spirituality. Somewhere down the life lines of my spirit I had an all encompassing inner knowledge that I wanted to learn about ancient ways of my forbearing mothers and grandmothers. Although I really have no family history being raised from a single working mom; it soon became my mission to find this path of health and knowledge one way or another!

It really came to fruition when I myself became a mother goddess of two fine sons. I wanted the best for my family kin and grew a slight garden tucked in where I could find space amongst the ever growing concrete pads of our city home. I learned canning, sewing, bread making, renovating, and enough crafts to keep a small village of children amused. This is where it all started. the scraped knees turned into broken hearts and my bandaids and playdoh were no longer sufficient. I began learning ancient ways of healing all three bodies. (body, mind, spirit).

The multitude of books I’ve read since the inception of my inner goddess would be too many to mention here but will be referenced where possible in my writings. I have also taken a few courses on Herbology and am currently a member of the Herbology Association of British Columbia. I hope that you find something here useful as I once did! ~ Rachel





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