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Remember the days when you were told to eat your veggies? Most people don’t have to many fond memories of those long dinner moments hoping that those squishy tasteless things would stop appearing on our plates. Now fast forward to being and adult. Young adults mainly have more than likely omitted them completely from their diets in luie of pizza and microwave foods. Only to find out that when they get into their late 20’s early 30’s that they are getting bigger, have less energy and have more allergies and god forbid wrinkles!!! No worries, modern science has a cure for that. Liposuction, energy shots and botox go a long way!! Or does it? 


When did we decide that we should fight with nature tooth and nail? Isn’t Mother Nature from which hence we were sprung? There is a movement happening though. A movement of “Earthies” Sure some do weird chanting and wear odd clothing and hairstyles to make you jump back, but I believe that those people were the hard core first movement to try and bring back what we have lost in our “modern” area. 

New “Earthies” are actually getting pretty cool and damn sexy if I don’t say so myself. I mean who finds an overweight 30 something with bad skin sexy? If you truly and I mean truly want to be hot for ever? Start looking at what you are doing to your body. Every cell in our body needs to be replaced by new cells (apoptosis). Its the programming of cellular death. Where there is death there is new life, but only if you give your body the correct building blocks to do it.


The biggest thing about cellular renewal and death is that if your cells are not being fed by the proper ingredients from mother earth (from hence with which we all sprung); then you are only creating bad cells in your body. Kind of like zombi cells that will only wreak havok in your system. They will make you sick with diseases and eventually cancers. All of which are immune disorders. When we look at plants such as herbs and fruits and vegtibles that are grown in a sustainable manor (without pesticides and GMO). These plants actually have the building blocks inside of them to give back to us. To fill the holes in the chain of life. If you want some proof then here are some examples.


Annett Larkins Who is 71 years old has been eating a raw and vegitarian diet straight out of her own garden for over 40 years. She is constantly mistaken as her husbands daughter! http://www.annettelarkins.com


jared-leto-political-beliefs-religion-hobbies.jpgJared Leto is ……..Get ready to poop……42!!! What? Yea 42!! and he credits it to a vegan diet mixed with Yoga! I was completely shocked on that one for sure. I was thinking 25 – 30 range. Max! So proof is in the pudding!




Of course the most famous Raw Foodie I know is of course Demi Moore at 51!! The first time I started to research youthfulness and what famous people were doing I came across Demi’s diet. I had never heard of this Raw food craze and thought is was totally weird. I mean who doesn’t cook their food? Well youthful people thats who!! It keeps the enzymes alive in it. That is the elixer of life!



Next up is UK hottie Sting!! We are watching every move he makes! Am I right? Would you believe that he is a senior citizen at 62? of course he is married to the love of his life Trudy and they enjoy a lot of yoga and of course Tantra. I think hes got the recipe down on this one.



Mimi Kurk, another famous Vegan and Raw foodie at the age of 74 still gets whistles I bet. Original California chick and she is still rockin this gig. Her face glows with a light from within.



Of course a raw foodie making a big noise in the food industry is David Wolfe 43. He has so much pizzazz in his lectures about how raw food is going to change your life. Imagine if we all had that much energy for what we did everyday?




Cara Brotman 44 & Markus Rothkranz 51 are pushing the way in the “earthies” movement with allowing the public to follow them in their lives. Cara a mom of 2 is a Raw food Restaurateur and Markus is a Wildcrafting and Rawfood expert. After being fed up with his life he decided to go to the desert with nothing (just the clothes on his back) and had a spiritual awakening. He is now sought after world wide through his seminars, books, and videos.



Woddy Harrelson 52, not only is he a Vegan but an animal rights activist. They say that having something to love and feel purpose for is also very good for ones health. I must say it has done wonders for the actor seeing his natural vigor over his film mates 1/2 his age!



Carol Alt – 53  In her thirties decided that after feeling like a “big ugly blob” that she needed a change. Especially after being picked apart by photographers who were compairing her with her younger counterparts. So, change she did and ended up in Sports Illistrated at 53!! She has many educational books on Raw Food.



Mike Tyson – 47 – Lived an extremely hard and fast life of boxing, drugs, women, and indulgence. It really got him nowhere but sick, overweight, and heartbroken. Now that hes been clean for 2 years of all of the bad stuff, hes decided to life a completely different life. He is a champion of animals and even has his own show on animal planet. He also attributes his success to his now wife and yoga teacher for helping to show him the way to true happiness inside and out.

Now, what do you really ponder about putting dead flesh inside of your own to recreate your cells? Herbalist theory on meat is this: Your stomach has a special coating to protect itself from the Hydrochloric Acid within its walls. When it senses the meat you eat inside of it; it then takes away some of the lining to protect the meat from being affected by the Acid and therefore is really not injested. So now you know why it really does nothing for you. Not to mention that raising animals for meat has become a nightmare of slaughter houses for these poor animals as well as produce more of a carbon footprint just to raise it, feed it, transport it. Weather you are a part time vegetarian, a Vegan, or a Raw Foodie, is all in how you truly “feel” at the end of the day.