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There are a multitude of  things in which I am working on, and it seems that year to year they only get busier and bigger, and yet it would almost seem that being a woman just gets into the way of what you want to accomplish. After raising children (and sometimes our husbands), school time, carpooling, bake sales, yard work, laundry, and choosing healthy meal that everyone is willing eat; to having a perfectly beautiful home and body. Its a lot of work that is quite simply stressing the hell out of us and killing us.


So at the end of the day it really is no surprise that women are finding that they are returning to the old ways, and maybe even don’t realize it.

Unfortunately, we as women have also gotten caught up in the modernization of the western culture. We may have a lot of fancy things (and I do like fancy things), but somewhere along the line we have forgotten our old ways. Ways that even not too far off that our grandmothers still knew.

How to not only make meals that were good for her family but actually produced it in her back yard!

I want to revisit this old information. I believe that we could really benefit from the old knowledge. Some how our ancestors simply knew of our deep connection with the earth. Those plants out there that grow wild strong and free have the capability to do the same for your body and energy. If you feed yourself properly without the modern chemical cocktail laiden you will be healthy, you will be a normal weight, you will not get sick.


I think that if anything is worth the investigation. With ailing parents, grumpy husbands and children with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Cancers, I could go on. To think that we have gotten so smart that we forgot what we first learned. Kinda like when you take a course and you have to go back and review what you took in the beginning in order to pass the final exam. Well this is where we are at.